Omaha Home Cleaning Business Model

Omaha Home Cleaning Business Model

Omaha Home Cleaning

Our Omaha home cleaning business is a hybrid between large, franchised cleaning businesses and small, independent cleaners or companies.  Think of a cross between someone in a branded, nationally recognized uniform and Alice, the housekeeper from The Brady Bunch.  This business model is fairly common across the country, but we think we are one of the first to bring it to Omaha.  Essentially, we pair our customers with highly rated, licensed and insured, independent contractors.  For more information on the business model, see the bottom of the page.  But first, we want to focus on information for our customers and trusted contractors.

omaha home cleaning

Information for Customers

It’s easy to find Omaha home cleaning companies, but it’s hard to find one you trust.  That’s where we come in.  We thoroughly vet independent cleaners or small cleaning businesses and only send licensed, insured, and highly rated cleaners to your home.  We also provide a very easy booking process.  Enter a few details on our booking page, select a date and time for your cleaner to arrive, and sit back and relax.  You can select one-time, move in/out, or recurring cleans in less than 60 seconds.

You may wonder why your cleaner arrives wearing another company’s logo or leaves a checklist on a different company’s letterhead.  This is because we partner with contractors to fulfill your home cleaning request.  We do not employ cleaners, rather spend our time screening independent contractors to ensure you get excellent service.  When you book a cleaning, we will send the highest rated cleaner available in that time slot.

Any other questions?  Shoot us an email at!  Or, book now!

Information for Independent Contractors

We’re always looking for reliable, trustworthy, and highly rated independent contractors.  If this describes you or your business and you’re looking to take on more customers at this time, we’d love to chat!  First, we’ll work together to see if our businesses are a good fit.  Then, we’ll get you set up in our scheduling software.  You simply enter the dates and times you are available and we’ll pair you with our customers.  Next, customers will book based on contractor availability and we’ll assign the cleaning to our highest rated available cleaner.  Last, each week, we’ll pay you a percentage of revenue on all completed jobs.  Please see our requirements below.


  • Your business must be licensed in the State of Nebraska.
  • Your business must be insured.
  • You must pass a background check and interview screening.
  • You must have a proven track record of success in the cleaning business.

More About the Business Model

We mentioned our business is a hybrid between large, franchised cleaning businesses and small, independent cleaners or companies.  Of course, there are pros and cons to each model.


  • Franchised cleaning businesses provide excellent customer service, have backup options should a maid be sick or leave the company, and offer flexible scheduling and online payment options.
  • Independent cleaners are extremely trustworthy and they know your home like the back of their hand.


  • Franchised cleaning businesses charge very high rates with most of the cost going towards branding, marketing, and overhead for office space and management.
  • Independent cleaners are often uninsured and typically only accept cash or check.  Also, if they’re good, their schedule is full.  You may miss a cleaning here or there if they are sick or on vacation.  If they leave the industry, you’re without a housekeeper for the foreseeable future.

Our Business, Evergreen Home Cleaning

We seek to emphasize the pros and eliminate the cons in order to provide an excellent service for our Omaha home cleaning customers.

  • We place a huge emphasis on customer satisfaction.  Ask us about our 100% satisfaction guarantee!
  • We have multiple cleaners available should your dedicated cleaner get sick or pursue other employment options.
  • We use a rigorous interview process to thoroughly vet our independent contractors.  Rest assured, you can trust our referred professionals in your home.
  • Our rates are not low, but they are reasonable.  In this business, you truly get what you pay for, and we only send the best cleaning professionals to your home and we pay them very well.
  • Our state-of-the art website allows you to book online, reschedule (if needed), and pay with a credit card.  Our website is fully encrypted and we process payments via Stripe which is backed by a $1M guarantee.  We take the security of your payment information very, very seriously.