About Us

Evergreen Home Cleaning Owners

We’re Drew and Kacey, a local husband and wife couple.  We founded the company because we’ve always had a passion for small business and a desire to help others.  We’ve realized just how difficult it is to maintain a clean, healthy home, especially with little ones running around and we seek to take that pain of home cleaning away from our wonderful customers.  Our sole purpose is to improve the lives of our customers.

More About the Business

Our business can best be described as a mix between a major home cleaning franchise and independent housekeepers.  We seek to fall right in the middle, the best of both worlds, which creates a best-case-scenario for our customers and trusted cleaners.

On one end of the spectrum, are the nationally recognized home cleaning corporations which charge high rates while paying low wages to its employees.  Most of the price you pay for a cleaning goes to overhead, i.e. branding, office space, office managers, uniforms, etc.  However, there are several benefits to this model, including a back office staff which is able to provide an answering service and  customer service, ease of use, and professionalism.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, are the individual, independent cleaners.  These are your beloved housekeepers that take care of families for years.  They know their way around your home and you trust them completely.  However, they are a one-person operation.  What if they decide to change career paths one day?  How will you find someone similar that you can trust?  In addition, you run the risk that independent housekeepers are not insured.  You could be liable should they flood a bathroom or injure themselves while cleaning.

At Evergreen Home Cleaning, our mission is to create a hybrid of the two scenarios above.  Below are some of the benefits we provide to you, our customer:

  • Ease of Use. Book in less than 60 seconds using our state-of-the-art website.  Once scheduled, you can log into your account to add/change notes, reschedule, etc.
  • Excellent Customer Service. Our average response time is less than 15 minutes.  In addition, we guarantee your satisfaction; ask us about our 100% satisfaction guarantee!
  • Trusted, Professional Cleaners. We match you with cleaners that are licensed, insured, and highly rated by customers just like you!

Home Cleaning Satisfaction Guarantee

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