Customized Home Cleaning

We also offer flexible cleaning options based on an hourly rate.

Customized Home Cleaning

If you are interested in a customized home cleaning package, look no further!  We understand that some customers may only want certain parts of their home cleaned.  To meet your needs, we offer packages based on an hourly rate.

Please follow the instructions below to book a customized, hourly rate package.  As always, contact us with any questions at 402-979-7740 or

Instructions for Booking Customized, Hourly Cleaning Package:

  1. Fill out the form below for an estimated number of hours required.
  2. On our booking page (link below), choose ‘Hourly Cleaning’ in Step 3 and enter the number of hours displayed below.
  3. In the ‘Special Instructions’ box on the booking page, please list the rooms, in order, that you would like cleaned.  Please add “bonus” areas in the event our team cleans the specified areas below more quickly than anticipated.*

*If the estimate is too low to complete all services requested in Step 3, we’ll call you to see if you would like to add more time or simply have the team focus on fewer areas.

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